Multiple Industries Holding “UNIMOD group”


Multiple industries holding “UNIMOD group” was founded in 2013. It consists of three manufacturing enterprises and two service companies with a single management center.

The head of the group of companies is Anatoliy Shpakov. He founded Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC whose manufacturing facilities became a foundation for subsequent successful development of other companies that are part of the “UNIMOD group” holding.

Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC designs and manufactures vans and special freight vehicles as well as services them.


The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” Ltd. designs and manufactures water tenders, special firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders and firefighting equipment.


The Factory of Boring Machines “Shpaten” Ltd. designs and manufactures mobile retractable drilling facilities and drilling rigs as well as conducts high-quality overhauls of drilling rigs replacing worn equipment and components.


Rossi Telli Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company that produces special clothing and uniforms for various purposes as well as household textile for service companies.


Recreation Center “Berezka” has a highly developed infrastructure for family, individual and corporate leisure as well as for retreat workshops and celebration events.


Firefighting and Specialized Vehicles







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 AC 10,0-40 (KamAZ-43118)
Water Tender AC 5,0-40 (KamAZ-5350)
AC 4,0-40 (Ural-43206)
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The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto”



Our company


ООО «The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” - is a manufacturing company that operates in the firefighting vehicle market since 2006. Throughout this time the company has been following the chosen path constantly developing and enhancing its products.  Today the Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” provides a wide range of the firefighting vehicles, that includes standard production water tenders, as well as complex multi-functional specialized vehicles with various configurations especially customized for its clients.


One of the main principles of our work is orientation on the customer needs and their maximum satisfaction. It is ensured with recent technology application, regular modernization and machinery enhancement, adaptation of the experience of the foreign counterparts and multi-step quality control at every stage of the production. As a result, the company constantly develops the quality of its work.


Today the factory manufactures not only the firefighting vehicle superstructures but also equipment that other manufacturers have to purchase from external suppliers. For instance, in 2013 the factory specialists designed and manufactured their first turntable ladder. Nowadays, they have been put into a full-scale production and are mounted on different chassis. Such a strategy not only helps to control the quality of the product throughout the whole production cycle but also requires constant advanced technology application and responsible attitude of each employee to the business.


The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” has its own “business card” that distinguishes the company from other manufacturers. It is an authorized patented technology Unimod that was developed by the factory specialists and is used for design and assembly of all types of the firefighting vehicles.



The company employees make up a professional team with good experience in large commercial organizations and defense industry. Our qualified employees, their experience, knowledge, hard work and non-standard ideas guarantee our ability to cope even with the most difficult manufacturing tasks.   


Among the company clients there are major oil and gas companies, Emergency Situation Ministries, vehicle manufacturing companies, large agricultural enterprises etc.


Our Mission:


→  We are here to create technological, high-quality and convenient at exploitation firefighting vehicles that are designed for everyday rescue of people’s lives and that guarantee simple, safe and efficient work of the firefighters. 


Our Strategy:


→  To hold and develop our product markets as well as to develop the new ones increasing the customer base and enlarging the sales geography.


→  To develop and introduce new products that not only meet the customer expectations, requirements and needs but even go ahead of them.


→  Detect the weaknesses of the manufactured products and enhance their quality in accordance with the customer requirements and expectations.


→  To maintain its employees and facilitate a favorable psychological climate that promotes creativity and intellectual potential as well as to detect any problems that may arise and efficiently cope with them.


Pozhavto New Products


Компания Пожавто активно наращивает обороты по производству пожарной техники и техники специального назначения, несмотря на нестабильную экономическую обстановку в России. Данные результаты были бы невозможны без слаженной...

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    Увидел свет новый пожарный автомобиль производства завода пожарной техники «Пожавто». Шестикубовая автоцистерна АЦ-6,0 – 70 смонтирована на шасси Урал 4320-78 («бескапотник») с колёсной формулой 6х6.


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    Автомобили пенного тушения нередко находят своё применение на предприятиях нефтяной и газовой промышленности, ведь борьба с огнём при помощи пены особенно эффективна, когда речь идёт о защите объектов, напрямую связанных с...

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    Всегда радует, когда пожарный автомобиль не только отличается непревзойдённый качеством и характеристиками, но и выглядит замечательно! Всё это можно сказать о новой пожарной автоцистерне городского типа от Завода ...

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Manufacturing Facilities



Well-developed manufacturing facilities are the foundation of the profitability and stability of any company. The product competitiveness, efficiency, quality as well as conformance to contemporary market requirements depends on the technical equipment of the workshops, the level of advancement of the machinery and up-to-date technologies used during the manufacturing. That is why one of the primary aspects of our company strategy is creation of efficient manufacturing facilities.


Today the model range of the Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” includes about sixty various specialized vehicles among which there are standard production water tenders as well as complex multi-functional firefighting and aerial specialized vehicles. We manufacture the firefighting vehicles on national as well as on foreign chassis. Our clients can choose their chassis among such well-known brands as KamAZ, Ural, GAZ, IVECO, MAN, Volvo, Scania etc.


The same approach is given to the fire pumps and firefighting equipment supplied with our firefighting vehicles: the client always has a possibility to choose the equipment that not only can accomplish the required tasks but also would conform to the individual preferences to the cost and quality ratio.




All the firefighting vehicles made by Pozhavto are manufactured in accordance with a universal modular technology UNIMOD that was developed by the company specialists especially for the design and assembly of the firefighting vehicles. The UNIMOD Technology helps to create unique firefighting vehicles due to the use of various options of the standardized functional module configurations. As a result, it is possible to create vehicles that maximally conform to the customer requirements at minimum time spent for design and manufacturing.


The standardized modules used for Pozhavto firefighting vehicle design and assembly can have any purpose or functions and be made of any material that would accomplish the required tasks the best. The universal modular technology UNIMOD helps to combine the features and functions that are difficult to combine.


 8 primary advantages of the modular structure UNIMOD:


→  Standardization and interchangeability of the modules

→  High maintainability

→  Flexibility and maneuverability

→  Modernization and modification during the exploitation

→  Multi-functionality

→  Wear resistance and lasting expected life

→  Possibility to use chassis of various brands and configurations

→  Possibility to use different materials


Contact Information



Telephone/Fax: +7 (3513) 289-901, +7 (3513) 289-903, +7 (3513) 289-904, +7 (3513) 260-401, +7 (3513) 260-403
Address: Turgoyakskoe shosse 8/5, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, 456300 Russia

How to contact us:




It is simple to contact us: just choose the most convenient for you way.
Our managers are always ready to assist you with any inquiry. Please, feel free to contact us through any of the above mentioned means. We strive to leave you with pleasant impression and are looking forward to your inquiries.


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Pozhavto, Ltd. Details



Legal Address: Turgoyakskoe shosse 8/5, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, 456300 Russia
Postal Address: PO Box 14, Miass, Chelyabinsk region, 456300 Russia
Bank Details: Settlement Account: 40702810472090057769. Payee’s Bank: Sberbank of Russia Branch No. 8597, Chelyabinsk. Correspondent Account: 30101810700000000602. BIC 047501602. INN (TIN) 7415070417, KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 741501001, ОКАТО (All-Russian Classifier of Political Subdivisions) 75442000000, OKPO (All-Russian Classifier of Businesses and Organizations) 68628276, OGRN (Principle State Registration Number) 1107415002562, ОКОGU (All-Russian Classifier of Government Entities and Administration) 49013, ОКVED (All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities) 34.10.5, ОКFS (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership) 16, ОКОPF (All-Russian Classifier of Forms of Ownership) 65.
Director: Nikita Shpakov
Tel./fax in Miass: +7 (3513) 289-901, +7 (3513) 289-903, +7 (3513) 289-904, +7 (3513) 260-401, +7 (3513) 260-403
Chief Accountant: Iraida Vaganova