Multiple Industries Holding “UNIMOD group”


Multiple industries holding “UNIMOD group” was founded in 2013. It consists of three manufacturing enterprises and two service companies with a single management center.

The head of the group of companies is Anatoliy Shpakov. He founded Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC whose manufacturing facilities became a foundation for subsequent successful development of other companies that are part of the “UNIMOD group” holding.

Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC designs and manufactures vans and special freight vehicles as well as services them.


The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” Ltd. designs and manufactures water tenders, special firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders and firefighting equipment.


The Factory of Boring Machines “Shpaten” Ltd. designs and manufactures mobile retractable drilling facilities and drilling rigs as well as conducts high-quality overhauls of drilling rigs replacing worn equipment and components.


Rossi Telli Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company that produces special clothing and uniforms for various purposes as well as household textile for service companies.


Recreation Center “Berezka” has a highly developed infrastructure for family, individual and corporate leisure as well as for retreat workshops and celebration events.


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UNIMOD is a universal modular technology


General Structure and Function



All the firefighting vehicles from Pozhavto are manufactured in accordance with a universal modular technology UNIMOD. It was developed by the company specialists for design and assembly of all types of the firefighting vehicles. The technology is a synthesis of a set of developments for enhancement of such exploitation features of the firefighting vehicles as maintainability, ergonomics, usage convenience, efficiency and look.


The UNIMOD technology decreases significantly the term of the manufacturing of not only standard water tenders, but also of complex customized firefighting vehicles. It is possible thanks to standardization of the modules that compose the superstructure of the firefighting vehicle.


The modules are standardized functional complete blocks mounted on the vehicle chassis and forming the fire superstructure. The quantity, functions and type of the modules is defined based on the chassis specifications future vehicle purpose, firefighting equipment amount as well as the customer needs and standard requirements.


The universal structure of the modules ensures their functional variety depending on the customer requirements The standardized modules used for design and assembly of Pozhavto firefighting vehicles can accomplish any task, perform any function, be made of any material and, thus, ensure the most efficient solution for a customer.


The universal modular technology UNIMOD combines difficult-to-combine features and functions in a single vehicle.



The universal modular technology UNIMOD ensures the following features of a firefighting vehicle:


♦ Multi-option configuration of a firefighting vehicle: a possibility to reconfigure a vehicle depending on the required functions and set tasks


♦ Universality: interchangeability, module standardization and possibility to mount a required quantity of the standard modules on a chassis of any length.


♦ Customer orientation: thanks to the module interchangeability and standardization, we are able to manufacture a vehicle with any configuration in accordance with the customer requirements to the fire-extinguishing agent tank capacity, firefighting crew size or firefighting equipment amount and nomenclature.


♦ High maintainability: in case of damage, the replacement of a single malfunctioning module is required; as a result, the repair becomes easy, the costs are decreased and the vehicle downtime is shortened significantly.


♦ Vehicle modernization during exploitation: possibility to replace the modules gradually, adding more functional and advanced modules.


♦ Structure flexibility and maneuverability: modular structure system decreases significantly the vehicle frame stress during its exploitation in the off-road conditions reducing its wear and malfunctioning.


♦ Manufacturing optimization and short terms: thanks to the use of the standardized modules the vehicle manufacturing terms are decreased significantly!


♦ Quality: thanks to a perfected technology and a simple module structure, the Pozhavto firefighting vehicles are highly reliable, ergonomic and are not prone to often failures.