Multiple Industries Holding “UNIMOD group”


Multiple industries holding “UNIMOD group” was founded in 2013. It consists of three manufacturing enterprises and two service companies with a single management center.

The head of the group of companies is Anatoliy Shpakov. He founded Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC whose manufacturing facilities became a foundation for subsequent successful development of other companies that are part of the “UNIMOD group” holding.

Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC designs and manufactures vans and special freight vehicles as well as services them.


The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” Ltd. designs and manufactures water tenders, special firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders and firefighting equipment.


The Factory of Boring Machines “Shpaten” Ltd. designs and manufactures mobile retractable drilling facilities and drilling rigs as well as conducts high-quality overhauls of drilling rigs replacing worn equipment and components.


Rossi Telli Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company that produces special clothing and uniforms for various purposes as well as household textile for service companies.


Recreation Center “Berezka” has a highly developed infrastructure for family, individual and corporate leisure as well as for retreat workshops and celebration events.


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Hose Truck AR-2 (Ural 5557)

3 crew members, delivery hose stock is 2000 m
Hose Truck AR-2 (Ural 5557)

AR-2 (Ural 5557) Model Overview


Description and Purpose


A hose truck AR-2 on a chassis Ural-5557 is designed for personnel and delivery hose transportation, laying out the main hose lines along the driving way for large fire extinguishing as well as rolling up and loading the hoses into the bodywork at the end of the works.


The AR-2 is used together with pumping units, water tenders and other firefighting vehicles. The hose truck is designed for the delivery of  2000 meters of attack hoses with  150 mm and 77 mm diameters to the fire site.


The vehicle is irreplaceable in case of large fire extinguishing when the fire site is far away from natural ponds and other water sources.



Main Features



The hose truck is equipped with mechanized hose winding devices for easy and quick hose winding, their demoisturizing and storage after the fire-extinguishing operation.


The vehicle is designed for transportation of 2000 meters of delivery hoses that have 150 mm and 77 mm diameter as well as 3 crew members to the fire site.


Thanks to its simple, rigid and ergonomic structure, frequent breakages of the hose truck are avoided since the vehicle bodywork is made in accordance with a special technology based on an outer reinforced frame with metal profile panels connected into a single firm welded system. Such a structure is highly rigid, flexible and reliable.


The firefighting vehicle AR-2 is mounted on the all-wheeled chassis Ural 5557 with 6х6 drive wheel configuration that ensure its efficient operation not only on good roads but also in heavy-road and off-road conditions.




Model AR-2 (Ural 5557)



Manufactured by the Factory of Firefighting Vehicles "Pozhavto", Miass


You can ORDER this model, choose required firefighting vehicle with different specifications from the CATALOGUE or bring your own modifications to the proposed configuration.

In any case our managers are ready to assist you and get approval of the project for your vehicle.