Multiple Industries Holding “UNIMOD group”


Multiple industries holding “UNIMOD group” was founded in 2013. It consists of three manufacturing enterprises and two service companies with a single management center.

The head of the group of companies is Anatoliy Shpakov. He founded Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC whose manufacturing facilities became a foundation for subsequent successful development of other companies that are part of the “UNIMOD group” holding.

Industrial Enterprise “Ural” LLC designs and manufactures vans and special freight vehicles as well as services them.


The Factory of Firefighting Vehicles “Pozhavto” Ltd. designs and manufactures water tenders, special firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders and firefighting equipment.


The Factory of Boring Machines “Shpaten” Ltd. designs and manufactures mobile retractable drilling facilities and drilling rigs as well as conducts high-quality overhauls of drilling rigs replacing worn equipment and components.


Rossi Telli Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company that produces special clothing and uniforms for various purposes as well as household textile for service companies.


Recreation Center “Berezka” has a highly developed infrastructure for family, individual and corporate leisure as well as for retreat workshops and celebration events.


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Water Tender AC 10,0-40 (KamAZ-43118)

3 crew members, pump in rear compartment
 AC 10,0-40 (KamAZ-43118)

AC 10,0-40 (KamAZ-43118) Model Overview


Description and Purpose


A water tender AC-10,0-40 on a chassis KamAZ-43118 is designed for fire extinguishing and rescue works. It is used for delivery of 3 crew members, fire-extinguishing agents (water, foam), firefighting equipment and emergency rescue tools to the fire site.


In case of large fires, the water tender AC-10,0-40 can deliver the water or foam directly from a fixed monitor preventing the spread of fire; then it can be relocated to a water source.



Main Features



The firefighting vehicle is equipped with a water tank that has a capacity of 10 cubic meters and with a foam tank made of stainless steel with a capacity of 500 liters. High-quality materials and anti-corrosion coating of the fire-extinguishing agent tanks ensure their high wear resistance.


The cabin of the chassis KamAZ-43118 seats three crew members including a driver.


The firefighting equipment compartments are featured with a reinforced structure ensuring their reliability, rigidity and firmness.


The firefighting equipment and emergency rescue tools are arranged and secured in accordance with a multi-element fixation system for firefighting equipment «Multimount». It ensures convenient and ergonomic arrangement as well as guarantees safety and simple access to each peace of the firefighting equipment.


A centrifugal fire pump NCPN-40/100 located in the rear compartment of the vehicle has a capacity of up to 40 l/sec.


A spring-damper fixation mechanism of the modular superstructure ensures the vehicle flexibility and maneuverability. This design solution significantly decreases the fire superstructure stress caused by the chassis deformity during the vehicle movement.




Model AC 10,0-40 (KamAZ-43118)



Manufactured by the Factory of Firefighting Vehicles "Pozhavto", Miass


This firefighting vehicle is designed and manufactured based on the patented universal modular technology «UNIMOD».

You can ORDER this model, choose another tanker in accordance with your needs from the CATALOGUE or bring your own modifications to the proposed configuration.

In any case our managers are ready to assist you and get approval of the project for your vehicle.